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In addition to the serial models presented on this website, I also make watches according to clients’ own design ideas and specifications. Dreaming of having your own, unique wristwatch? No problem. Låt Levenaig Watches handtillverka en klocka enligt dina egna specifikationer.

Please note that Levenaig Watches does NOT manufacture copies of other brands’ products.

To inquire about a custom watch, please contact me directly here.

As these days it is completely normal to always have a smartphone at an arm’s reach, the role of the wristwatch has changed. We are now surrounded by all sorts of electronic devices which, among other things, also show us what time it is.

So why should we even bother about wristwatches? Well, this is where it gets personal. Or rather individual.

Mechanical watches – especially handmade custom watches – still have purposes to fill. They can be a loyal travel companion or a piece of home on many a long business trip. Or remind us of the person who gave it to us. Or maybe the watch marks a very special occasion which we think of every time we look at the watch. To some they are an accessory worn to express a certain attitude.

To know that an actual person has designed and made the watch piece by piece tickles our imagination as each watch tells its very own, unique story.

Bild som visar Holme Finnilä vid en av Levenaig Watches många maskiner
Holme Finnilä i Levenaig Watches verkstad